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We believe a clean space is a service, a gift, a mindset.

For some reason, it just feels like I can actually think more clearly when my house is clean. Bet the same is true for you, right?! A clean house is like a bowl of the healthiest greens — it just makes you operate at your highest potential. What led me down the path of owning and operating a chemical-free cleaning business? I used to be a real estate investor and during that time I came across steam machines and found that they kicked-ass cleaning pretty much the nastiest jobs, and they did it without chemicals. I don’t use steam machines any longer, because I have found a number of natural cleaning products that do the job equally well.

I was raised on Western Slope and have been in Boulder for over 25 years. I started this business over fifteen years ago and here I am, and loving every minute of it. I value the details of life, as well as healthy indoor environment. So take a chance and let me see how I can improve your life and help keep our planet and your home clean, too. 

Zoshia Ammann, owner of Clean Healthy Green

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We bring EVERYTHING:  non-toxic cleaners, vacuums, rags, dusters, mops, and cleaning products.  All you need to do is open your home to us and allow us to work our magic. 

Can it be any simpler?

Our Very Happy (and Sparkly Clean) Clients

Sarah, Table Mesa, Boulder

"Zoshia's team started cleaning my home about five years ago. I've never had anyone in here since. My favorite moment of the week is when I walk into my house after the team has cleaned and my house absolutely sparkles."

Alex, North Boulder

"The thing I love most about Zoshia is that she really listens to what you need and then conveys those "needs" to her team. I adore using her and her cleaning crew."

Becky, Mapleton Hill, Boulder

"Two years ago I was referred to Zoshia and have never looked back. I love the fact that she lives what she believes -- toxic cleaning chemicals do not belong in anyone's home."

How We Work

If you’re like me, you like your home cleaned in a particular way. For this reason, we always send the same team each week to meet this expectation. 

Service Areas

UPDATE:  Due to high-demand all new prospective clients will be put on a wait-list.









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