Everyday pantry items to help you clean…

Any article that offers up smart hacks for cleaning is top of my to-read list.

This recent article from the New York Times is a keeper. It’s the kind of article my mom might have clipped and sent to me in the mail and that I would’ve then pinned up on a wall near my washing machine where it stay for decades. I mean, who knew that you could polish brass and copper with V8, Tabasco or plain ol’ ketchup? And did you know that vodka, when spritzed on clothing, will neutralize smells? Or meat tenderizer for stubborn stains? So very cool!

So check it out and let me know if you have any other hacks using everyday products.

The key to happiness?

A recent study found that people who spend money on things that save them time are happier. Yup, so when you order out to save time and use that time to spend with those you love, you’re likely to be happier.  And guess what, they also found that those who spent money on having others do time-consuming tasks (hint, hint…cleaning your house!), were also happier. So next time you are hesitating about hiring that awesome cleaning service or want to order out, banish the guilt and pick up the phone!

Check out the whole story in the New York Times.