The key to happiness?

A recent study found that people who spend money on things that save them time are happier. Yup, so when you order out to save time and use that time to spend with those you love, you’re likely to be happier.  And guess what, they also found that those who spent money on having others do time-consuming tasks (hint, hint…cleaning your house!), were also happier. So next time you are hesitating about hiring that awesome cleaning service or want to order out, banish the guilt and pick up the phone!

Check out the whole story in the New York Times.

Cable TV vs. Clean House

Below is a copy of an email correspondence I had earlier this week. Obviously this woman has her priorities straight!

May 22, 2017
Hi Zoshia,
Thank you so much for having been our cleaning company of the past few years. Unfortunately, tomorrow 5/22 needs to be our last scheduled cleaning.
Thanks again,

July 18, 2017
Hi Zoshia,
Hope you have had a good summer so far. Can we come back? I have a new job starting the beginning of August and we are cutting cable. We would love to use your services again, please, please.
Thank you,

July 19, 2017
Hi C,
You crack me up!  You are cutting cable in order to keep the cleaning?

July 20, 2017
Hi Zoshia,
I am a total neat freak and I would rather have a clean house than watch TV!
Thank you so much!!!

A dirty topic

Today I need to share with you an article that might give you the creeps, but  one that will also hopefully motivate you.

Sheets. We all sleep them, but how often DO we change them? And how often SHOULD we change them? For the definitive answer,  click here.

And don’t forget to wash those pillows, too!


Best way to clean a home?

Just the other day someone asked me the most efficient way to clean a house. And lo and behold a few days later this brilliant piece appeared in The New York Times. So even if you have one of my incredible teams cleaning your house every week, it’s super smart and well written and worth a read. And if you don’t have us cleaning for you, definitely do take a moment to read. It’s worth it. Also probably a good idea to send to those recent college grads… 🙂