Cable TV vs. Clean House

Below is a copy of an email correspondence I had earlier this week. Obviously this woman has her priorities straight!

May 22, 2017
Hi Zoshia,
Thank you so much for having been our cleaning company of the past few years. Unfortunately, tomorrow 5/22 needs to be our last scheduled cleaning.
Thanks again,

July 18, 2017
Hi Zoshia,
Hope you have had a good summer so far. Can we come back? I have a new job starting the beginning of August and we are cutting cable. We would love to use your services again, please, please.
Thank you,

July 19, 2017
Hi C,
You crack me up!  You are cutting cable in order to keep the cleaning?

July 20, 2017
Hi Zoshia,
I am a total neat freak and I would rather have a clean house than watch TV!
Thank you so much!!!

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