Healthy Home Tips

Time to Purge!

Yup, it’s nearly spring. And in Colorado that means our days can swing wildly from 70 to 30 degrees within even just a few hours. So take advantage of those warmer days to open your windows and let the fresh air fill your home. And while you can’t consistently be outside gardening, hiking, golfing, mountain …

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Organic Cotton

I know, I know…organic this, organic that. But I’m here today to tell you that we should all care a little more about organic cotton. Why? Because 25% of ALL insecticides and 10% of all pesticides used in the US are sprayed on cotton alone. Think about all those nasty, toxic chemicals not only in …

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Your Kitchen Can Cause of Food-Borne Illness

Most of think that food-borne illness comes from some skanky contaminated meat bought at a low-rent grocery store or your crazy aunt Hazel’s potato salad that sat out on the picnic table too long. Wrong. Most food-borne illnesses actually sprout from our own, sparkly clean kitchens and poor own poor cleaning techniques. If you don’t …

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