Not just a hippy ritual…

Science has recently  proven that burning sage can actually remove bacteria from the air. So all those times when your neighbor told you that they needed to “smudge” their house, well turns out that in addition to the spiritual cleansing effect, it has been shown to remove 94% of bacteria in the air. Not bad! Read more: Burning Sage Can Clean the Air and Improve Your Health. 

Unclear about how to go about this healthy ritual? This article breaks it down: Smudging 101.

For you Boulderites, one of my favorite places to get a smudge stick is the fabulous Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply. This store is a local treasure full of incredible natural herbal-based products for skin and home, and they have wonderful classes, too.

So no excuses  — start smudging for spiritual health and clean air!

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