Organic Cotton

organic cotton, green clean, clean green, boulder cleaning, boulder green cleanI know, I know…organic this, organic that. But I’m here today to tell you that we should all care a little more about organic cotton. Why? Because 25% of ALL insecticides and 10% of all pesticides used in the US are sprayed on cotton alone. Think about all those nasty, toxic chemicals not only in the plant and on the farmers who process it, but also on the soil and running off into the rivers… Now flash forward to your beautiful home and all of the time and energy you spend keeping it clean and free of toxic products.

And now think about how much time you spend in bed. Or really, how much time you WANT to spend in bed…

And now think about all of those toxic pesticides in the fibers of the sheets on your bed.

You get the picture.

Although it’s hard to buy organic all the time, I get that, maybe the next time you are shopping for sheets or a new quilt, check out the organic options. I’ve noticed that Target now has a great line of organic cotton sheets that are nearly the same price as the others.

Here’s another article about organic cotton.

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