Squeegees: Not just for your car windshield anymore

boulder cleaning, boulder housecleaning, clean healthy green, green clean colorado, green housecleaning boulder, housecleaning colorado, nontoxic cleaning boulderI recently discovered that a simple squeegee (see photo if you have no clue what I’m talking about) wiped across your bathroom tiles after each shower means that you might never have to spend time seriously scrub those tiles again. Why? Water on tiles eventually creates a slimy film (gross, I know) which becomes what professionals call “buildup.” Once you have buildup it’s time to get out the big guns and scrub hard and long. But you can prevent buildup by just simply running that squeegee on the tiles every time you shower. If you can’t manage to remember it every shower, then try for a few times a week. I promise you’ll notice the difference! What to buy? A big rubber squeegee from a hardware store, not the little ones made just for bathroom glass.

Because unless you’re some crazy clean freak (like me!), I bet you have better things to do with your time. And if you don’t, call me and I’ll give you a job!

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