Why You Need To Clean Your Oven

A client recently asked how often she should clean her oven. Rule to live by: if something spilled or there are lots of grease splatters – clean the damn thing. Why?

Ta dah:

Next up:

And if that doesn’t motivate you, food that falls off in your oven and just sits there could eventually start tainting the taste of everything you cook.

If you wanna see an actual oven from a former client, click here!

Easy Trick to Cleaning Oven Racks

boulder cleaning, housecleaning boulder, green cleaning boulder, clean green boulderCleaning an oven is never really fun. But a client of mine, John R., recently told me that he learned how to clean his oven racks by soaking them in a bathtub overnight. He read about the trick at Life Hacker. However, instead of dishwasher powder, he just popped two dishwasher detergent gel packs in the tub and voila – the grime magically melted away.

Thanks for the tip, John!



Squeegees: Not just for your car windshield anymore

boulder cleaning, boulder housecleaning, clean healthy green, green clean colorado, green housecleaning boulder, housecleaning colorado, nontoxic cleaning boulderI recently discovered that a simple squeegee (see photo if you have no clue what I’m talking about) wiped across your bathroom tiles after each shower means that you might never have to spend time seriously scrub those tiles again. Why? Water on tiles eventually creates a slimy film (gross, I know) which becomes what professionals call “buildup.” Once you have buildup it’s time to get out the big guns and scrub hard and long. But you can prevent buildup by just simply running that squeegee on the tiles every time you shower. If you can’t manage to remember it every shower, then try for a few times a week. I promise you’ll notice the difference! What to buy? A big rubber squeegee from a hardware store, not the little ones made just for bathroom glass.

Because unless you’re some crazy clean freak (like me!), I bet you have better things to do with your time. And if you don’t, call me and I’ll give you a job!

Fabric Softeners Are Not Clean, Healthy or Green

Want your clothes to smell flower fresh? Please don't use fabric softeners! Instead, try adding a little vinegar to your rinse cycle and, if possible, dry outside.

Want your clothes to smell flower fresh? Please don’t use fabric softeners! Instead, try adding a little vinegar to your rinse cycle and, if possible, dry outside.

Before you use a fabric softener, please read this!

Most of us do our best to keep our homes and bodies free of toxic chemicals. We clean “green” and we try to eat as much organic as possible. But sometimes we don’t notice that products we use everyday might actually be very harmful to our health.

Take fabric softeners, for example. The mainstream fabric softeners on the market today contain nine known toxic chemicals ranging from Alpha-Terpineol to Pentane.

How do these chemicals get into our bodies? Most of our life is spent in clothes, right? Fabric softeners are designed to stay in the fibers of our clothes and “soften” them so they feel good next to our skin. Our skin is our largest organ and easily and freely absorbs whatever is in direct contact with it. Therefore it only makes sense that the toxic chemicals used to create fabric softeners end up in our clothes which then end up in our skin which then affects our entire body, including our central nervous system. The toxins present in mainstream fabric softeners have been linked to cancer, asthma, allergens, hormone disruption and more.

And no, it’s not just me who has made this connection.  The Environmental Working Group has been working on getting the word out, too. Here’s a great blog post they wrote abou the subject back in 2011: http://www.ewg.org/enviroblog/2011/11/dont-get-slimed-skip-fabric-softener

What to do? Try pouring ½ cup of white vinegar into your laundry when it’s on the rinse cycle. No, you won’t smell the vinegar, but it will leave your clothes nice and soft.

Clean Under Your Bed!


Happy Spring!

Wanna know how to really celebrate the season? Clean out all the crap under your bed! I know, I know it’s probably full of dust bunnies, socks, library books, magazines and who knows what else. Just do it.

Why? Because if you don’t you don’t the dirt under your bed can become:

  • a vibrant breeding ground for bed bugs (if that’s not enough to motivate you, I don’t know what else to say.)
  • a petri dish for allergies. 
  • a place where bacteria can flourish.
  • a breeding ground for mold.

Enough said. Go get the broom and sweep everything, and I mean, everything out from under your bed. Trust me, you’ll sleep better tonight.