Teach your children well…or else!

Next week I am sending my only child off to college on the east coast. You would think I would be deluged with emotions of loss and panic over the impending adjustments we both have to make now that our lives are heading in their own directions, but I have not felt anything of the sorts. I am feeling very confidant in his abilities to navigate his life on his own. His skill set is complete. He is an expert at all of the following:
Setting an alarm, getting dressed, showering, being on-time, studying, socializing, eating, communicating, but MOST important of all—-CLEANING.

It has been a requirement in our home that he be tidy and clean, and he has learned it quite honestly from his clean freak mother (and father). Make your bed every day, clean your toilet once a week, sweep the floors, wipe the sink off every time you use it.

I get to see how other college kids of live, every July 31st—August 1st, when literally thousands of units get turned over on the hill at CU. Cleaning companies come as far as Denver to help out in this 24 hour process.

Here are some pics from our wall of shame this year.

NOTE: Son, I WILL kick your monkey ass if I EVER see your college apartment looking like this!

Worst soap dish - 2014.
Worst soap dish – 2014.


Worst bathtub - 2014
Worst bathtub – 2014


Worst fridge - 2014
Worst fridge – 2014


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