What’s the Dirtiest Place in Your House?

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What’s the dirtiest place in your house? Nope, it’s not your bathroom or your kitchen sink. More than likely the dirtiest place in your house is embedded within your bed or bath towels. Scientists have discovered that bacteria, including e. coli, can live in on sheets and towels longer than you might want to believe. Gross, I know.

Martha Stewart, and while I know most of us don’t all aspire to be just like her, I would guess that we can agree¬†she’s got it going ON in the “clean department,” recommends washing sheets and towels once a week in warm water. However, I recommend that you take it up a notch and put that dial on HOT when washing your sheets and towels. A little extra heat might break down the fabric fibers a little more, but better that than continuing to sleep on dust mites or, heaven forbid, stray e.coli. And if you don’t believe me, click here to read more.

Convinced? Yup, I thought you might need to throw a load in.



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